About Bob Harrison Increase Speaker

Christian Business Leader founder Bob Harrison is one of the most popular and most sought-after speakers for numerous business communities all over the US. His “Increase” motivational and instructional talks and seminars have helped millions of business leaders to lead empowered lives.

Bob Harrison’s Popularity 

Bob Harrison’s popularity is astonishing. He has empowered literally millions of people through his talks and seminars. He has been a featured speaker for business organizations for about two decades now, and he holds seminars regularly.

In some cases, his audience has reached more than 30,000 people for a single occasion. His “Increase Events” are held in California, Florida, and Hawaii. His audience members aren’t just Americans. In fact, many business leaders who have attended his seminars hail from various spots all over the world.

His speeches are so sought after that there is a huge demand for the recordings. Over a million of his audio programs concerning the topic of “Increase Thinking” has been sold. He is a bestselling author as well.

“I was inspired by Bob Harrison’s teachings followed them and opened my own carpet cleaning company in Honolulu, Hawaii (mandmcarpethawaii.com). Every year, after I attend his Hawaii Increase Events, I am motivated to increase my business. And the thing is my business does increase!” – Scott M. 

About Jesse Duplantis

Spreading the word of God is not an easy task but charismatic leader and evangelist Jesse Duplantis make it all seem so easy. Founder of the Jesse Duplantis Ministries (JDM) and the Covenant Church, Duplantis has been sharing God’s message of salvation since 1976.

Through the years, Duplantis have helped thousands of people get back on track and find Jesus. He has traveled around the world to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His desire to reach millions so they can know of God’s love as well has pushed him to work hard and establish JDM.

Known as the “Apostle of Joy” throughout the world, Jesse Duplantis is not just a speaker. He’s a dynamic evangelist who is driven to get the word out of God’s love. He has used different platforms to share his faith and rekindle the fire in others as well. Aside from his broadcast, you can also learn more about Duplantis’ evangelism through his music and books including: