John Mason Christian Author & Speaker

John Mason Christian Author & Speaker

It takes great talent to inspire, charm, and make people believe in themselves and their capabilities. It’s even harder to do all of these and make the crowd laugh. This isn’t the case for renowned motivational speaker and national bestselling author John Mason, though.

Blessed with the talent to sway people into believing that they can improve themselves if only they’ll believe in what they can do, John continues to reach out to those who need a nudge to the right direction. He has spoken to thousands through his seminars, conventions, and addresses. He has helped even more people to push themselves further and be at their top shape through his books. He has even met with the president in the Oval Office, proving that with the right attitude, sincerity, and determination, you can get yourself wherever you want to be. Meeting John Mason, the Christian author, can change your life for the better. 

If you can’t be present at one of John’s speaking events any time soon, you can also grab one of his 18 books and open yourself to a world of positive thinking and the right attitude. Here’s a list of the books John has written:

  • An Enemy Called Average (1990)
  • You’re Born an Original, Don’t Die a Copy (1993)
  • Don’t Wait for Your Ship to Come In… Swim Out to Meet It!: Bite-Sized Inspirations to Help You
  • Achieve Your Dreams (1994)
  • Conquering an Enemy Called Average (1996)
  • Ask…: Life’s Most Important Answers Are Found in Asking the Right Questions (1996)
  • Words Of Promise For Leaders (1997 with Tim Redmond)
  • Know Your Limits-Then Ignore Them (1999)
  • Why Ask Why?: If You Know the Right Questions, You Can Find the Right Answers! (2000)
  • Proverbs Prayers (2000)
  • The Impossible Is Possible: Doing What Others Say Can’t Be Done (2003)
  • Imitation Is Limitation: Being the Unique Person God Meant You to Be (2004)
  • Dare to Be: 70 Questions That Lead to Life’s Most Important Answers (2006)
  • You Can Do It: Even If Others Say You Can’t (2008)
  • Believe You Can–The Power of a Positive Attitude (2010)
  • Let Go of Whatever Holds You Back (2012)
  • Be Yourself–Discover the Life You Were Meant to Live (2014)
  • Fall Seven Times Stand Up Eight: How to Succeed No Matter What (2015)
  • You Can Be Your Best–Starting Today (2015)

Our must reads by John Mason: